Newlyweds Wine Labels -- 6 Pack

These labels make the perfect wedding gift. Get 6 bottles of wine, and put the labels on them, and voila, the perfect gift that lasts all year.
Labels 6 Pack. 

Includes 1 of each label:

1. Open on: First Big Purchase ...goodbye money, we'll miss you 

Open on: First Valentine's ... bow chicka wow wow

Open when: You Both Could Use a Drink ...it's been a long week

Open on: Date Night ...an excuse not to make dinner and go out instead

Open after: First Fight ...yeah I'm shocked we lasted this long without fighting too

Open on: First Anniversary yahoo! we made it, now let's drink!

Dimensions: 3"x4.5"

**Wine Bottles not included
** For best results, place the labels directly on the bottle. You can place on top of existing label, however it may show through.